Avimedical BV is a company aimed at the development and registration of new veterinary medicines. The main focus lies on the group of the exotic pets. This group consists of ornamental birds, rabbits, rodents, guinea pigs, reptiles and amphibians. At this moment there are very few well researched veterinary medicines for this specific group of animals.

Avimedical is a relatively young company with ambitions to provide well researched veterinary medicines of excellent quality.

To ensure this, there are contacts with different research companies, each with vast experiences in the development and testing of veterinary medicines. Furthermore, Avimedical also has own research facilities at its disposal. There is extensive collaboration with veterinary practices to ensure both practical applicability and efficacy of the medications.

One of the goals of Avimedical is to improve the availability of safe, effective medicines, especially for birds and exotic animals. Because of the limited number of registered veterinary medicines for this group of animals, new registered veterinary medicines are most welcome.

Prior to the registration procedures studies are performed in the specific target species. These extensive studies prior to the marketing of these products, reduce the occurrence of unwanted or unexpected side effects.

The pharmacokinetics of medicines in this particular group of animals hasn’t been studied as extensively as (for example) in dogs and cats. Therefore the extensive research prior to common use is a valuable advantage over the use of unregistered medication.